Thought-driven Digital Marketing

We combine biological human emotion & artificial intelligence to make
advertising more ethical and efficient for everyone.

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Delivering better advertising experiences

We provide brands and agencies with AI powered emotional analysis and optimization tools
throughout the life-cycle of your advertising campaign.

For Customers

Our cognitive cloud understands which viewers will benefit most from an advertising decision and those who won't, creating helpful native experiences and boosting return on investment.

For Ad-Tech Partners

We help the advertising industry to target the right customers with the right ads - both more efficiently, ethically and even at the optimal moment in their buying journey.

"Emotionally-targeted" online advertising

Target consumers that care about the content of your ads &
increase conversion rates exponentially.

How it Works

Using the latest in machine learning technology (SVM), data science, social aggregation and big data - we know exactly what your audience feels about your ads before they've even seen them.

We analyse your content and feed in into our AI environment. Then, our advanced deep learning algorithms provide us with extrapolated sentiment data and the likelihood of a click or bid on the content, based on your target audience.

This new dynamic and KPI to ad insertion and real-time bidding (RTB) technology, helps give ads a whole new value to both business and consumers.

Always Learning

We measure the success of every ad and feed this back into the algorithm, using a process called backpropagation.

The weights are then adjusted within the network to ensure the best, most accurate outcome for future content.

Sentiment Value

Whatever your content contains, it will invoke an emotion and therefore have a trend value within the market.

Using sentiment scoring and social media data, we can place a dollar value against your content and even suggest the best audience too.

Increasing Accuracy

Our systems continually measure the performance of every valuation, every bid, every click, every person.

This means more data to learn from, and that means greater accuracy time after time with every single placement.