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We combine biological human emotion & artificial intelligence to make
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Designed to be the new, digital assistants in your marketing team - our tools provide insights into emotion and how customers, competitors and the world really feel about your brand, topic or products.

Content Engine

Analyze and utilize the emotive-power behind your written content.

Ensure your copy makes the impact it needs to, before you publish it.

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Emotional Search

Discover how people feel about anything over the last 30 days.

Visualize the landscape of your industry and competition and analyze trend changes.

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Real-time Engine

Track the emotion behind your brand, topic or campaign as it happens.

Control the narrative with instant engagement and response from the dashboard.

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World-First Technology

We have worked for over two years on breaking barriers in neuroscience, psychology, social media analytics and film - creating the first neuro-programmatic, emotional and psychographic tools on the market.

Our product pushes the boundaries of neuroscience, psychology, and artificial intelligence in order to deliver insights and results that you will find invaluable to your business.

See how our team of data scientists and neuroscientists are creating and unbiased "neuro-emotional" tool in partnership with Sprint, IBM and the University of Kansas:

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We are taking on the most prolific field in media - advertising.

By partnering with companies such as Sprint and Barclays, we are researching new technology and methodology to improve converstion rates, ROI and other crucial factors facing the industry. Leaning on advanced neural networks and new metrics, we are solving problems with an unprecedented approach and unbiased pragmaticism.