About Us

Our Mission

Throughout the ages, some of the worst parts of humanity have been seen because people could not understand, empathize and agree with one another. Societal unrest stems from an inability to understand others point of view.

Today, this is more evident than ever across all walks of society, and the marketing and advertising sectors are not immune. Solutions are being sought as people seek out brand experiences that are authentic, express empathy and enable them to make statements that are demonstrative of their values and beliefs, in real-time.

What is required to sustain this industry shift is the ability to see human beings in multiple dimensions, instead of dimensions through the use of stereotypes, when marketing to them and seeking their engagement. Social listening and other tools have flooded the marketplace in recent times in an attempt to help tackle these new challenges. Centiment is the only solution on the market to blend AI with neurodata to help brands best traverse the new landscape in ways that reimagine marketing, across discipline, as a revenue generating entity that is driven by purpose.

Centiment uses a strategic mix of consulting, proprietary neurodata and AI to reimagine advertising and marketing in ways that embrace purpose as a driver of business strategy. Through the ability to leverage actual human thought, instead of non-representative focus groups to build brand experiences, Centiment technology empowers truly diverse, and purpose- driven content strategies that empower and engage consumers.

Our team of data scientists and media psychologists recognize today’s challenges and are only at the beginning of our journey to create human-thought informed, AI- driven products that help brands and agencies connect customer emotion directly to improved business performance. Our goal is to work with clients to create emotionally intelligent and purpose-driven customer experiences that engage and deliver improved ROI.

To do this, our suite of products has been designed to help brands analyze across all datasets to:

  • Understand their audience better
  • Express purpose + empathy
  • Emotionally optimize written and visual content
  • Identify appropriate cultural flashpoints
  • Target the right audience at the right time
  • Communicate efficiently + effectively w/o bias

What Makes Us Different

Social listening tools have attempted to disrupt the marketing stack to help brands be more engaging for years. Our technology is different and more effective as it offers a wide array of benefits that can either replace existing tools or be additive to them. With Centiment technology, advertising agencies and in-house teams can access a database of actual human thought about any subject, and test if the content they intend to use against that population will be viewed positively or negatively. Our portfolio of tools also allows brands to optimize timing of released content as well as adjust it, if it needs to changed, in order to achieve a pre-determined ROI. Our tools can be used around both written and visual content, including video.

Our Team

Micah Brown

Founder and CEO

Micah is a visionary technologist with an intersection of skills consisting of data and algorithm understanding, HCI-centric digital technologies, financial services, financial engineering and media services.

He has over 10 years of experience (up to SVP) across companies like Aon, Barclays, NBC and Viacom. Micah has a deep technological understanding and also a strong commitment to social causes; at the centre of Centiment and FilmFundr are the need to level the playing field in media for minorities.

Tim Wilson

Co-Founder and CTO

Tim's passion for computer science started aged 13. Now 14 years on, he's worked with organisations from Amazon to Virgin. His heavyweight skill set includes working with big data, user behavioural analytics, performance and conversion optimisation and emerging tech across the wide spectrum of web development.

After many years working at senior level he started his agency, Pxxl, providing web development and insights for big brands.

He is a hands-on CTO and a solid, all-round "full stack" developer with experience in server management and software development, right through to front-end development, graphic design, user experience (UX) and multi-variant testing - all at a senior/expert level.

Billee Howard


Billee Howard is Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting-edge consultancy specializing in harnessing creativity to solve business problems. The firm works to identify the most powerful collision point of culture and commerce for each client to create captivating stories that are consumed, shared and drive meaningful and measurable engagement.

Billee has a strategic vision for how brands can differentiate themselves from their competition through the lens of purpose and by harnessing storytelling as a business competency. Additionally, she believes that brands can best poise themselves for the future by having the entire C-Suite embrace the power of cognitive technologies.

Under a new JV which unites BRANDthropologie + Centiment, Billee also has become the President + CSO of the resulting entity. The focus of the partnership blends the power of IBM Watson with Centiment's own patented neurodata technology, to connect customer emotions to business performance.

Beginning her career as Press Secretary for the President of the Philippines and his cabinet at the age of 22, Billee developed a global market perspective from early on, and understood that the third world would not be third much longer. Switching from politics to business with a focus on how CEO's can drive culture, Billee joined Shandwick at age 25, and launched their National Financial Media Group.

When Weber bought Shandwick, making Weber Shandwick the largest PR firm in the world, Billee was named EVP, and co-founded their Global Strategic Media Group, handling global communications for leading brands such as Samsung, PepsiCo, MasterCard and AllState. Billee later landed Faith Popcorn as a client, and becoming immersed in Popcorn's innovative cultural approach to business, she pioneered a strategic alliance with Brain Reserve to leverage futurism in global PR campaigns.

Billee has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called We-Commerce released in December 2015. She is an active contributor on Forbes.com and the Huffington Post on the topics of marketing, storytelling and the sharing economy. Billee is also an influencer and futurist for IBM.

Billee graduated cum laude from the Roy H. Park School of Communications and serves as a member of its national board of advisors. Billee was the winner of PR Week's 30 under 30, and 40 under 40, as well as being selected for the Media Professional of the Year Award twice. Billee Howard lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend Ned and her iconic Shitzu, Bugsy.

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Todd A Myers


Todd Myers is a Partner + Chief Strategy Officer at BRANDthropologie. He is a revenue-producing executive and entrepreneur with a talent for shaping businesses in relevant, but not always obvious ways, that improve performance and profitability that benefit all stakeholders. Todd's strategic expertise is grounded in customer insights, cultural trends, 20+ years on the digital front lines and a global marketing communications acumen across paid, owned and earned media.

Under the new union of BRANDthropologie and Centiment, Todd serves as the resulting entity's COO. His focus is on developing the company's breadth, depth of services and overall value. He also serves as the strategic bridge between both brands with an eye on extracting the most innovative solutions for clients.

Todd's passion for creating, communicating and implementing innovative business frameworks that connect with culture has been informed and refined by his unique career trajectory that has spanned from the entertainment industry at a talent agency and a movie studio where he developed screenplays to Cap Gemini Consulting (post MBA), where he collaborated on the development of a business framework for major interactive TV joint venture, and then to AOL, where he evaluated and developed business cases for customer-driven programming. He then went on to co-found i.spy, a successful marketing and strategy consulting firm which specialized in the development of Internet-based, customer-centric, ROI-based business and marketing opportunities. His journey continued on to NYC to work with Madonna and then to Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve (FPBR) – where he and Billee Howard first met and worked together on an FPBR/ Weber-Shandwick alliance – and the die was cast for his collaboration – Brandthropologie Media.

Todd is a mid-westerner born and bred with a BA in International Economics from The University of Michigan and an MBA, with majors in Strategy, Marketing and Finance from The Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Jason Azayev

VP of Data

Jason is a student at Macaulay, The City College of New York. He first started programming aged 7, and persisted through different fields of computer science on his own before reaching college. He has interned at many companies, ranging from NOAA to Fitch Ratings. He has done PhD level research at the Brooklyn College Institute of Neuro Science before joining Centiment.io.

Jason is skilled in web scraping, data science, and full-stack development, with a primary focus on Python.

Wenchang Qian

Head of Data

Wenchang was a real estate consultant, a trader and a cab driver. He became passionate about emotion analytics during the course of his career. After graduating from one of the best data science academies in the country, he joined Centiment to fulfill his passion. He believes that emotion analytics will play a significant role in the artificial intelligence era, making the world an easier place to live and he wants to contribute to achieving such purpose.

PhD Advisory Team

Sean Theonnes

PhD Media Psychology

Sean's 30-year career in media began while a student at the University of Florida before taking his act to Orlando where he worked on a variety of shows on the lots of Disney & Universal before developing a media production group that pioneered non-linear editing within Disney and eventually merged with Disney Broadcast Productions.

In 2006, he set his sights on a PhD in Media Psychology. Since 2008, Sean has been a regular speaker on topics ranging from producing for the small screen to the psychological impact of the Technological Singularity. He began teaching a course in Digital Narrative in the Masters Program at UCLA Extension in 2011, and continues at Fielding Graduate University in 2013 with a course in Cognitive Psychology of Visual Displays.

In addition to advising the team at Centiment, Sean has co-founded and leads companies that produce new media technology content & identify practical applications for such media as Augmented Reality with an eye toward social good. He is also a member of IEEE, AAAS, and an officer on the Elected Board of the American Psychological Association's Division 46: The Society for Media Psychology & Technology.

Shane Pase

PhD Media Psychology

Shane Pase, Ph.D. is a consulting partner at Reality Science, director of technology for Lotte Project, cofounder and executive producer at MediaX LLC new media technologies group, an award winning conceptual designer, and currently authoring the first book on the psychology of augmented reality.

Dr. Pase has over 19 years experience utilizing human behavior analytics to develop creative and outside-the-box solutions for both for-profit and non-profit corporations and small businesses. By combining theories from cognitive, neural, media, behavioral and social psychology, he is able to provide valuable insights into our experience with, and the effects of, media technologies to create the most immersive and effective media experiences.

Dr. Pase is a faculty member at Fielding Graduate University's Media Psychology program teaching courses on media psychology, using media for social change, augmented reality and immersive technologies. Dr. Pase has presented internationally at such prestigious conferences as IEEE ISMAR, the Augmented World Expo, ACM/EEE WorldComp, National Social Science Association and American Psychological Association National Conventions, exploring the cognitive effects of augmented reality and immersive media, using new technologies for social change and disruption, and the ethics of new media technologies. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin @shanepase and online at www.reality.science.

Tunisha Singleton

PhD Media Psychology

Tunisha Singleton Ph.D. is a Media Psychologist, Chief Experience Officer of JabCross Media, and Director of Consulting Partnerships for Reality Science LLC. With 10+ years of entertainment experience blended across screenwriting, digital media marketing, and social media management, Tunisha specializes in creating synergy between storytelling, branding, and technology.

Using the tools of narrative and brand psychology, Tunisha consults on various innovation projects in the spaces of sports, social advocacy, virtual reality and augmented reality. Focused on the intersection between human behavior and media consumption, Tunisha's current research concentrates on consumer identification and the construction of experiences within traditional and emerging media ecosystems. Tunisha continues to explore how media and technology can be used for good in cause marketing strategies.

She is also an Adjunct Faculty member at Fielding Graduate University in the department of Media Psychology. Tunisha can be found on LinkedIn, blogging at tunishajsingleton.com, and on Twitter - @TSingletonSays.

Jerri Lynn Hogg

PhD Media Psychology

Jerri Lynn Hogg is a media psychologist, 2015 president for the American Psychological Associations' Society for Media Psychology and Technology, and author of the soon to be released books, The Science of Audience Engagement and Mad Men Unzipped.

Passionate about social media, technology, and digital environments, Hogg researches and consults on how we communicate, connect, and find balance in changing environments. As a psychologist she applies theory, practice, and research to humanizing the technological landscape and digital experience.

Hogg is a faculty member of Fielding Graduate University's Media Psychology program and a senior research fellow at the Media Psychology Research Center, a research and consulting organization helping companies create positive and effective media, messaging, and technology. Hogg is also an international presenter and consultant examining the cultural influence on human behavior and digital media, virtual communities and worlds, connection through social media communities, the psychology behind effective communication design, new and changing learning communities, and how to create solid user experience design.

Hogg recently was a judge for the annual SoMe Awards (Social Media). You can find her on Twitter @HoggJL. She also authors a blog for Psychology Today.com called "The Digital Life".

Wayne O. Carter, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM

CEO, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute

Dr. Carter's entire career has brought innovation into organizations centered on improving health in research and development, clinical practice, and novel technologies. He has 18 years of leadership in Fortune 500 companies and five years leading the strategic development of life sciences for the Kansas City region. His career has spanned human and animal health, across all therapeutic disciplines with Pfizer human health, and therapeutic nutrition with Colgate/Hills. Dr. Carter has mentored startup companies, actively worked with public and private sectors and he has a proven ability to collaborate across industries and academia to solve problems.

Dr. Carter's passion for technology applications developed from a group started at Pfizer and focused on improving decisions in the drug development process. In that role, he was responsible for translational research and led the company's North American clinical facilities in the development, validation, and implementation of new clinical technologies to accelerate development decisions for human pharmaceuticals. He drove decisions at Pfizer by return on investment and grew the Clinical Technology group to span all phases of drug development and all therapeutic areas. In 2007, Dr. Carter was hired as Vice President of Research by Hill's Pet Nutrition, a Colgate subsidiary, where he led nutrigenomics research and applied gene expression profiling to drive nutrition decisions for novel products in development.

Dr. Carter is currently President and CEO of the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute where he works with regional hospitals, medical schools, academic institutions, and industry to advance human and animal health through workforce development, research, collaboration, and commercialization. The Institute is currently executing the “Path to 2025” strategy for the greater Kansas City region with a focus on health IT and outcomes research among other regional strengths. They recently started a new collaboration program, Collaborate2Cure, to stimulate collaboration between all institutions and companies across the region.

Dr. Carter attended Purdue University, earning his B.S. degree in 1980, D.V.M. in 1984 and practiced veterinary medicine for five years. He completed residency training in internal medicine and board certification in 1992 and a PhD in immunophysiology at Purdue University in 1994. Dr. Carter serves on several director and advisory boards including BioKansas, Missouri Biotechnology Association, the One Health Commission, the University of Kansas Center for Research Board of Trustees, the University of Missouri Research and Discovery Advisory Board, and MRIGlobal Board of Trustees.

Daniel Pontillio

PhD Data Scientist

Daniel holds a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences earned from the university of Rochester, NY and is one of a few research scientists in the world with experience in spatial temporal modelling of EEG and FRMI based data sets used in relation to machine vision, eye movement detection and the applications of these technologies within high performance, low latency based environments at scale.


We are also very fortunate to have a very strong team of advisors on our board, bringing together some of the brightest and most influential, respected people in each of their respective spaces.

Jon Bond

Jon is one of the advertising and marketing industry’s most recognized thought leaders and entrepreneurs. In 1987, at the age of 29, Jon Bond co-founded Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners, a New York City advertising agency that pioneered guerilla marketing techniques including sidewalk advertising, popup stores, and other forms of what would eventually come to be known as viral marketing. The firm became the largest independently held agency in the United States, with clients including BMW, Target, Citi, AT&T and Delta Airlines, among others.

In 1996, Bond went on to co-found iballs, one of the first digital media agencies, which was sold to Avenue A, which was then acquired by Microsoft. In 2011, he became the CEO of Big Fuel, a marketing, content distribution, and social media company that was acquired by Publicis in 2012.

Bond is currently the "Chief Tomorroist" at Tomorro LLC, a company that provides financial and strategic advice for new and growing businesses of high potential value.

Rocio F. Brusseau

Rocio's expertise is creating meaningful experiences and building innovative solutions at the intersection of data, creativity, and technology. As a global strategist, Rocio worked for creative, digital and media agencies across three continents supporting Fortune 500 clients, including VW, AT&T, Pepsi, and Chase.

To capitalize in her hybridity and breadth of experience, Rocio created Overflow, a strategic consulting specialized in the Integration of Marketing and Communications that builds brand value by delivering value along the consumer journey.

Phil Lam

A 20+ year veteran of the information technology and interactive media industries, Mr. Lam's professional experiences range from leading positions at top-tier global management/systems consulting firms to early start-up member of early-stage high growth technology companies. He has a unique combination of experiences that cross business strategy, technology, design and content-creation.

Edwin Philogene

Most Recently the Global Director of Sales and Data Insights for Tumblr, Edwin was a part of the company during the exit process to Yahoo. Edwin has led teams at BDDO and Sirus XM and has over 15 years of data-driven decision-making experience at a very senior level within major organizations.

John Collier

John Collier was most recently senior director of partnerships and integrations at Appnexus and has over 10 years of experience in the advertising technology industry across companies like BlueKai and Disney, he has also had significant exits from companies he has founded and is a gentleman of Harvard.

John has a particular set of skills focused on enabling innovative experimental technologies to make it to market and be profitable, which in the case of centiments set of technology and talent amassed within the company are incredibly important.

Ken Lang

Ken is the lead investor in Centiments seed round. Ken, M.S, PhD has been a CTO at Lycos, Lightspace and Keane Advisors and has created extensive amounts of technology within the AI and ML fields over the last 15 Years and is one of the formenst influencers of the early stages of neural network usage within the commercial arena.

Michael Basch

Michasel is a serial entrepreneur that has had success across a few different industries; including coffee shops, products, and mobile ad-tech. He has recently become more political, having worked on the Clinton campaign and briefly exploring a bid for Mayor of NYC for the 2017 election cycle. He is also deeply passionate about utilizing technology to improve people's lives; social impact, creating jobs, data, and anything that is in the business of helping people.

Dylan Albrecht

Dylan Albrecht, Ph.D. is a theoretical physicist and postdoctoral data scientist, specializing in EEG & FMRI based data mining and spatial-temporal modeling to resolve clinically identified biological imbalances.

Dylan Specializes in the use of the following tools:Scikit-Learn, Keras, PyMC3, PySpark, PyMongo, Dionysus, QuTiP, Generative Models, Multi-Armed Bandits, NLP, Time Series Analysis, Neural Networks, Profit Curves.

Kerry Fulton

Kerry Fulton is founder of Diner App Co. a mobile platform that brings people together over meals. Kerry has had a global career in film and TV with companies such as Sony Pictures Europe, Mediapro, Singapore and HBO USA. She is Partner of Out of the Box Features, a company that develops and produces content for the global market, the company has a slate of projects in development as well as two feature films in distribution.

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts - BFA Film TV. University of Technology Sydney Graduate Diploma in Arts Management, New York University, Stern School of Business M.B.A.

Farooq Hassan

Farooq is a senior financial services professional who has worked as a trader at Bank of America and has 16 years of experience across institutional money managers and raising private funds across seed all the way up to Series A.

He Co-structured and issued Asset Backed Notes for Lendable, Inc. based on quantitative analysis of cash flows from African consumer receivables with a minimum NAR of 14.0% and jointly authored a proposal that resulted in a $1.0MM grant from Facebook, Inc.

He recently sold $1.1MM in inventory and reduced operating expenses by 10.0% as part of the restructuring of a UK luxury retail business and Series 7, 63 & 79 registered through partnership with Pickwick Capital Partners.

Mark Grob

Mark is one of the original early evangelists and developers within the field of Virtual Reality and has worked as a senior consultant at IBM, Implied Sciences nd most recently led all things experiential across in the international division of viacom, for over 5 years, mark led all technology associated with the VMAs, including but not limited to VR/MR/AR, mobile and transcoding and encoding.

Gareth Greenidge

With over 12 years of management and marketing experience Gareth brings a wealth of strategic marketing acumen to the team. Gareth initially built up his detailed working knowledge of all offline and online marketing channels during marketing executive and management roles.

More recently Gareth has worked with dozens of start ups as an online marketing consultant, helping brands establish market position, build awareness and optimise ROI on marketing spend.

Kamil Rogalinski

Kamil brings everything from being a next-level, dynamic developer up to CTO and leadership experience to the team.

His education (MS in Applied Computer Science, in Management and doctoral studies in Automatics and Robotics) plus over ten years of diverse experience across the world, includes web development for Internal Administration Systems, Portals, Web Applications and Project Management.

He has very strong skills in management, mobile technology and advanced technical knowledge including computer hardware, networking and server administration.

Dominic Martino

Dominic is a Full-Stack Java Developer who has covered most areas in the e commerce space from tracking pixels to improving application server response times. Dominic has worked with Virgin brands, Tesco and Amazon amongst others. Dominic is often found elbow deep in API's either writing them or consuming them.

His specialities lie within big data, algorithms and multi-threaded, high-performance applications.