Content Emotion Engine

Emotionally optimize your written content

The Content Engine helps bloggers, journalists and content generators understand the tone, conviction, personality and emotion behind draft written content so they can truly connect with their target audience.

Reach the heart of the matter

Powered by AI-driven personality and emotion data, this tool will help you to refine and hone your written copy to suit your target audience needs and marketing objectives before releasing it to the world.

We keep track of the sentiment and emotions around key topics and phrases and score your content based on these terms. This provides invaluable insight as to how your content will be received if released *right now*.

Whether you want to evoke strong emotions, convey trust, inspire action, or simply keep branding tone consistent, leverage the power of AI and semantic data today to boost ROI on your content creation efforts and truly connect with your audience.

Unlock the power of Emotion

Warm hearts, change minds, invoke action, be controversial.

Instant Relevancy

Discover trending terms and phrases within your content.

Target Feelings

Instantly see how people feel about the topic you're discussing.

Write with conviction

Our Personality + Tone analyzer tells you how you come across.


Our strategy capabilities are built through the lens of our Content Engine. With this tool, learn how to appeal to the people you want to reach by storytelling in a way that connects with them. Use this tool to reimagine:

  • Copywriting
  • Creative Campaign concepting
  • Content Testing

Centiment in Action

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What our customers say:

Alex Trigolos
Sales/Operations ‎Director PinchMe
Centiment presented an amazing opportunity for PinchMe to understand our data

Luke Shanz
IBM Global Technical Manager
Centiment is a valued IBM Partner doing something truly ground-breaking

Matthew Price PhD
CEO RealityScience
Centiment is a invaluable partner to RealityScience and our joint work on psychographic driven deep-learning is amazing

Michael Basch
NYC Mayoral Candidate 2017
Centiment has super-charged our mayoral campaign

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