How it Works

The difference we provide brands and agencies is possible via a process we have invented called Neurodata Driven Sentiment Analysis. This is important because most current forms of sentiment analysis are highly ineffective due to the lack of actual human data present within them. Through the use of Neurodata Driven Sentiment Analysis, we allow brands and advertisers to run neurofocus groups at scale about anything, in seconds, for much less of the cost of a standard neurofocus group.

Our product suite consists of the following tools, with different applications contained within each. Our offerings help brands and agencies disrupt their current marketing stacks by leveraging our "W to the Power of 3" model, which leads to a 50% increase in likelihood of desired ROI:


Our research capabilities are built through the lens of Emotional Search. With this tool, brands and agencies can search all of social media, through the lens of human thought that our proprietary neuro-database provides, about anything. Use this tool to reimagine:

  • Brand Perception
  • Positioning/ White Space
  • Customer insights
  • Research Panels
  • Purpose-driven messaging


Our strategy capabilities are built through the lens of our Content Engine. With this tool, learn how to appeal to the people you want to reach by storytelling in a way that connects with them. Use this tool to reimagine:

  • Copywriting
  • Creative Campaign concepting
  • Content Testing


Our distribution capabilities are designed through the lens of our Persona Tool. This offering enables brands to find out exactly who their targets are, what they like to do and why, so that they can give them the right content at the right time and present it in a way that will sit best with them, avoiding an embarrassing or discriminatory ad campaign, and maximizing ROI.

Use this tool to reimagine:

  • Media buying
  • Contextual relevance
  • Omni channel placement decisions

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