Video Advertisement PoC

Welcome to our Programmatical Marketing (Ad-insertion) Proof of Concept

Below you'll find an example of our emotional interstatial ad-serving, validated by user mood with SVM-based learning of user emotion.

To start the analysis please click play in the video.

See below for a frame-by-frame breakdown of the video ad.

Pricing Analysis (Programmatic Marketing)

Bid Value


CPM Bid Value
SSP Sell Price
DSP Fill Price

Video Analysis (Object Detection)

Object Detection Occurence (% of Video Frames) Positive   Negative  

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(no objects detected)

Viewer Influence Prediction (Sentiment Analysis)

Viewer Personas Group Size Video Objects Sentiment Depth
Viewer Persona #1 10K
Viewer Persona #2 5K
Viewer Persona #3 3K

Emotional Breakdown Toward Video Advertisment

(Aggregated average across all media platforms)

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