Emotional Search Engine

Measured by Emotion.

How does the world feel about any given topic?
We can tell you.

We apply a mixture of machine learning, social aggregation and our algorithms to extrapolate over 35 emotions that people are feeling about your topic.

Find out how the world feels about your brand, competitors, recent advertising campaign or trending topic. Then explore the associated terms and phrases and their sentiment.

Simply add a brand name of #hashtag to view the emotional trend for your chosen topic.

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• Gather Social sentiment/emotion analysis over time, by country and region
• Contextualised social sentiment breakdown
• Associated keywords and phrases

Extra Services

• Dedicated account management
• Bespoke reporting and competitor analysis
• PHD consultancy support

"Emotionally-targeted" online advertising

Target consumers that care about the content of your ads &
increase conversion rates exponentially.

How you can use this data?

Well, we use the technology behind this tool to add to in our larger, AI-driven DMP algorithm for programmatic ad placements. Find out more ►

But, the topic engine is also the perfect research tool used by:
• Marketing campaign managers looking to assess the impact of paid media efforts
• PR and marketing departments to quickly assess mood of customers
• Content marketing teams looking for sentiment overview for trending news
• Creative ad managers looking to benchmark campaign creative against competitors using social sentiment analysis

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