Video Valuation Engine

What's your content worth?

Ever wondered why certain videos go viral? What's the secret ingredients to achieving thousands of views?

We help creative content creators understand how much their digital creative is worth based on growing datasets, AI and social sentiment data.

Our valuation engine will provide in-depth analysis of your video and give you a real ($) dollar value you can expect to make from the views!

Value my Video  ►


• Highly-accurate ($) Valuation
• Video and Text Content Analysis
• Contextualised Sentiment Breakdown
• Personality Insights


As we are in 'beta', this product is FREE to use!

Please simply create an account with us and log in to gain access and run your valuations.

"Emotionally-targeted" online advertising

Target consumers that care about the content of your ads &
increase conversion rates exponentially.

The Bigger Picture

With big data comes great power..!

With this tool we can essentially value any piece of content - text or video, but most importantly for us - video ads..!

Using this technology, we can instantly analyse a video and match this against persona groups that the content will be most valuable to. This means we can not only tell advertisers the value of their content within the RTB (real-time bidding) ad exchange environment, but we can even tell them who best to serve it to.